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Mount Ida Family Law Attorney John W. Yeargan, Jr.

Family law matters such as divorce and child custody disputes present difficult emotional and legal challenges. An experienced divorce lawyer offers both supportive counsel and vigorous representation in negotiations and in court.

For over a decade, I have capably and cost-effectively represented clients in contested and uncontested divorces. In divorces involving children, I help defend your parental rights as I protect your child’s best interests.

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Full Service Divorce And Family Law

I offer thoughtful, effective representation in the following areas of family law:

  • Uncontested divorces: These are less costly than contested divorces and less time-consuming. By negotiating terms of the divorce, you and your spouse are in control, rather than a judge.
  • Contested divorce: In this traditional litigation divorce, an experienced divorce attorney is essential to vigorously protect your interests in court.
  • Child custody: I understand that as a parent, you want what’s best for your child. I will help you protect your child’s interests while assertively advocating for your parental rights and needs.
  • Child support: A judge determines child support based on a number of factors, including income of both parents and child-related expenses. I strive to ensure the judge has all the information needed to make a fair support award.
  • Property division: A court attempts to split marital assets equally. If you have assets that are not community property, I can help you protect those valuables.
  • Modifications of child custody and visitation orders: After a divorce is final, circumstances often change, requiring you to go back to court to ask that child custody, child support or visitation orders are modified to fit your new situation.
  • Juvenile cases: If your child’s in legal trouble at school, I can help make sure their rights are protected.
  • Adoption: Including stepparent adoptions, as well as domestic and international.
  • Powers of attorney: Appoint a person to make decisions for you on health or finance in the event you are incapacitated.
  • Paternity: Obtaining an affidavit or filing a lawsuit to establish paternity.
  • Prenuptial agreements: Especially useful for mature couples with older children.
  • Spousal support: This is usually temporary. I can help ensure the support order is fair and equitable.

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